7 Sure Fire Ways To Great Achievements In The New Year

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New years have a spirit in them, a spirit that wants to make many begin their lives all over again with many roaring to go in full force considering the plans they’ve made even before the new year rolls in. It is Sure fire this will help you Achieve greatness in the New Year.  I will be glad you Succeed as you work these principles in the New Year.


1.      Find Yourself and Build Your Life

I like this old story of an eaglet that grew up amongst the mixed multitude of chicks and continues to scratch the ground for food until one day when a hunting mother eagle  identifies her species amidst the prey, this baby eagle never realized her flight potentials until she was picked up by mother eaglet then released from height and in the process of fall the eaglet realized her flight potential then never returned among the chickens.

You could have belonged to everybody from years past, but now, you must rise up, stop chocking yourself and find those to which you belong (the charging chargers)!  Sincerely, you shouldn’t belong among the backbiters, stabbers, spirit assassins you shouldn’t be in the association of who will talk down all you have that is called dreams.


2.      Know Your Needs; It Will Make Your Life Easier

A need is something that is: a must, have to, should, needs draw positive ends.

A need is in itself capable of triggering the drive for success, a man will not go all out daily in search of bread if hunger will not deal with him, you wouldn’t put on clothes if cold and shame is not a threat to you, reading this article will be useless if you don’t have anything to Achieve at  the end of the  Year…

What have you set to Achieve?   Why is your Achievement necessary?

Answering these questions sincerely will save you from confusions at every point as you journey along the days, weeks and months. It will help set your priorities right and free you from toxic power of distraction.


3.      Get Some i-Doses And Have A Good Morning Every Day

I’ve been greeted countless times “good morning” and just “morning” and I have come to know what makes the difference between the two which you too will get to know later on.

Many have not consciously realized how greatly a day can be influenced by what they start the day with.

My “good morning” has been defined by what I wake up to do in the next few minutes or hour(s) after stepping out of bed (not bedroom) each day.

Wake up to get some inspirational doses by communing with your maker, commit your day to his hands, reading or listening to motivationals and talking to yourself in affirmations.

Those that Achieve greatly, they deliberately seek information and inspiration, motivate themselves and regularly show up for seminars at their own expense and as a result, they are constantly on the grow and succeeding. Sir, Zig Ziglar stressed further and he said:

The drive that takes men to the top is a drive that thrives on a constant nourishment and reinforcement. You must constantly feed and empower your Physical, Mental and Spiritual being.”

Truly, there are plenty of rooms at the top, but not enough room to SIT DOWN. The only place you can freely sit is DOWN, unfortunately“the down” is not meant for an Achiever.


4.     Let Your Past Be, And Walk Light

One way to achieve greatly in the New Year is turning your back to your past and let your past be. Reason is, your past has torment, and if you dwell on it you will be tormented.

Both your past success and failure have torment; if you romance your past success, it will cloud your mind and blind you to opportunities in the now and the morrow.

Forgiveness may be tough, he or she’d hurt you bad, they’ve wronged you greatly, it’s super important that you forgive them all (it’s ego that you wouldn’t say am sorry even when you’re not wrong but it does greatly influence the life of the offender), forgiveness is a veritable ingredient to your achievements in the New Year.

It is significant to your focus and concentration.  Unforgivness  has baggage that are capable of ruining your Achievement, unforgiveness breeds bitterness, resentment, anger,  grieve, all sorts of emotional and mental torture; an achiever or  whoever walks on the pedestals of achievement does not harbor these baggage great achievers.


5.      Subscribe To Relevant Updates By E-Mails

When a group of young people were asked why they missed out on some opportunities the past years, most of the response was either late awareness or not awared.

More than your social handles, you should be more friendly with your e-mail handles.  Arguments exists  for the whatsapp messenger  to be more effective for job and other opportunities seekers, but job vacancies with other opportunities posts on such platforms as Whatsapp have been found bewildering , outdated or spams  while an e-mail update can easily be filtered and spams messages easily identified.

You should note this:  Due to some authentication issues experience by email marketing Apps and email services handlers, some useful updates lands in your email spam box, which means as you  regularly check your email in 2018, ensure you look into your spam folders too (very important).

A job seeker should make his/her their social media profile more PROFESSIONAL and COMPELLING.  Take advantage of the LinkedIn network which is more a PROFESSIONAL platform where job seekers have gainfully bagged dream jobs via LinkedIn job notification system.


6.      Ride On The Shoulder Of Experience

To really achieve greatly,you should be ready to learn  and unlearn at this level of your life regardless of who you’ll learn from you’ve to kill your ego and be open to learning.

Follow the steps of those who have succeeded on the path you’re threading, many have won that scholarship you’re yearning for, a lot of people have succeeded the contest you’re vying for, some have established their businesses with that grant you hope to win, though you may not have access to such people, you definitely have someone somewhere on your network who have your needed experience; reach out to your networks, talk to people!  Speak out! Don’t keep your mouth shut.


7.      Do All You Have to do Quickly, Timely and Appropriately.

If you have to apply for an opportunity to study abroad, start making your research now! And get every necessary documents ready, if it’s a grant you need for your startup; start combing for such grant organizations, If you have to enroll for a self development programme.


anything you NEED to do; make your applications early and make early submissions as this will create you more chances of winning.

I NEED you to have a year of ACHIEVEMENTS…you know WHY?  That is my HAPPINESS

It’s important you contribute:   Do you have any questions? You need help? Or you will like to share your Needs here; Do comment in the comment box






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