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SPEAK with Kings Public Speaking Training by PACEcentre.

“`A 2-week intensive training“`


BECOMING AN EMOTIONALLY INTELLIGENT PUBLIC SPEAKER Only this kind of speakers are persuasive.

You can be a good talker by nature but you have to turn that ability to skill before you can be referred to as a speaker.

He who talks, is a talkative,  he who speaks is a speaker.

Some are effective speakers, some are persuasive speakers. Only the persuasive make things happen and they are the emotionally intelligent speakers…

How ?

Join us at:
Achievers Coaching Centre, opposite Texaco Bus Stop, along Adesida Road, Akure, Ondo State.

At an investment fee of #2500 only

“`If you think big enough, you would see that you need to stop being a mere talker and become a speaker, the earlier the better because big opportunities are coming your way“`

Training Schedule:

Starts this Thursday (24th August) and Friday (25th August) by 4pm-6pm

On Saturday (26th August) by 10am-2pm

Continues next week on Thursday (31st August) and Friday (1st September) by 4pm-6pm and on Saturday (2nd September) by 1pm-4pm

Don’t forget that you would be only needed if you are loaded not if you are noisy.

Share with your friends that would share it with their friends until the cycle comes back to you…how to know good friend but I am serious.

For more details contact: “` Isaac; 08093754761, ArkoFGod; 07033323854, Lucy; 09060020449“`

Aren't You Gonna Share This?

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