Call for Volunteers Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games 2020

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Call for Volunteers Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games 2020

The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (Tokyo 2020) announced today that it will start inviting applications for the Tokyo 2020 Games volunteer programme from 26 September 2018. Volunteers will provide valuable support for the operation of the Games in a variety of roles at competition venues and at the Athletes’ Village, and their contribution will be a key factor in the Games’ success.

Games volunteers will have a unique opportunity to provide support in a number of areas, including spectator guidance, competition operation and media operation. They will be deployed in various locations including competition venues and the Athletes’ Village.

Tokyo 2020 is seeking to offer up to 80,000 volunteer opportunities. It welcomes applications from all people with a passion to contribute to the success of the Games.  See also: Other opportunities

Applications will be open from 13:00 JST on Wednesday 26 September 2018 until December 2018
The exact closing date for applications will be announced on the Tokyo 2020 website at a later date!
Location: Japan

Volunteering Options:

  1. Guidance
    Guiding spectators and other participants at venues and other facilities, checking tickets and supporting security checks.

    • Providing guidance and assistance at airports and hotels to ensure that Olympic and
    • Paralympic-related participants are able to enter Japan and secure accommodation smoothly.
  2. Any
    • Participating as a Games Volunteer for any role or activity.
  3. Events
    • Supporting competition operation at the competition venues and training venues.
  4. Mobility Support(driving, etc.)
    • Driving vehicles to transport Games participants between venues comfortably and safely.
  5. Personal Support
    • Welcoming overseas delegations to ensure they have smooth working conditions in Japan.
    • Welcoming overseas delegations at airports and venues, etc.
    • Providing athletes with foreign-language support before and during their stay at the Athletes’ Village to enable them to prepare for competitions.
    • Providing foreign-language support when athletes have media interviews after competitions.
  6. Operational Support
    • Distributing uniforms (to volunteers, etc.) at the uniform-distribution facility.
    • Issuing IDs to Games participants based on pre-registered information at uniform-distribution facilities, venues, airports, etc.
    • Registering staff members at check-in points at the start of each day.
    • Administering the distribution of equipment to teams, media and other Games participants arriving from overseas at the Athletes’ Village and at the media centres.
  7. Healthcare
    • Providing transportation for medical participants when an athlete is injured. First responders providing swift initial treatment to spectators or Olympic and Paralympic
    • Games-related personnel who suffer sudden illness or injury.
    • Providing support to transport an injured athlete to the first-aid room.
    • Supporting tests administered by doping officials to athletes.
  8. Technology
    • Supporting the distribution, collection, etc., of technology and communications equipment.
    • Entering data and displaying event results at competition venues.
  9. Media
    • Providing a wide range of support measures to members of the domestic and international media to ensure they are able to efficiently conduct interviews, etc.
    • Supporting management of reporters and photographers and supporting press conference operations.
    • Supporting photographic and video recording of the Tokyo 2020 Games and issuing the Athletes’ Village newspaper.
  10. Ceremonies
    • Supporting role at medal and other ceremonies. Role may include guiding athletes and other Games-related personnel to required positions as well as conveying medals and other commemorative items.

Check the official website for detail benefits.

Who Can Apply?:
All persons born on or before 1 April 2002 are free to apply to become a Games volunteer
A regular driving license will be required for some activities in the ‘transportation support’ category. Apart from that, no particular qualifications will be required.
Japanese nationals or persons with valid visas permitting residence in Japan during the volunteer period (including temporary visitors)

Which Regions can Apply?:

Open for All.

Apply online through the given link.

Applications will be open from 13:00 JST on Wednesday 26 September 2018 until December 2018
The exact closing date for applications will be announced on the Tokyo 2020 website at a later date!

Application Deadline: December 31, 2018


FAQs About Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic games Volunteer Opportunity

Q: What is the difference between Games volunteers and City volunteers?
A: Games volunteers are recruited by the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee, and will assist with Games operations at Games-related facilities such as Games venues and the Athletes’ Village. City volunteers are recruited by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and other municipal authorities hosting Games competition venues, and will provide assistance to Games spectators and tourists visiting Tokyo at airports, major train stations and popular tourism locations. For further information on City volunteers, please visit the website of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and other related municipal authorities hosting Games competition venues.

Q: Do volunteers have to work at both the Olympic and Paralympic Games?
A: Volunteers can work at either the Olympic or Paralympic Games. Those wishing to work at both events will be required to work at least ten days at each event – a total of 20 or more days.

Q: What is the typical working day of a volunteer

A: Including rest breaks and standby times, volunteers will be required to work for 8 hours per day.

Q: Will the orientation and training sessions be conducted in languages other than English?
A: We plan to conduct these sessions in English and Japanese.

Q: Please provide details about insurance arrangements (applicable age, exactly what does the insurance cover, and whether the volunteer will be required to pay the insurance premium)?
A: The Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee will arrange insurance that will cover all volunteers during their working hours (hours during which they engaged in volunteer activities). Volunteers will not be required to pay the premium for this insurance. We are currently examining the optimum insurance policy to ensure the safety and peace of mind of all volunteers.

Q: Can I make an inquiry by email?

A: Yes, the Tokyo 2020 Games Volunteer Office accepts email inquiries.

Email address: contact-center(at)
*The email address indicated above is altered as a measure against junk mail.Please replace (at) with @ when contacting us via email. SEE OTHER: INTERNATIONAL VOLUNTEERING OPPORTUNITIES FOR YOU

Visit Official Website   Apply Now

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