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UNICAF is offering you the chance to win a full scholarship to study for a Master’s in Business Administration at no cost, plus a monetary prize of N100.000 in cash!

The first winner of the essay competition on the topic
“Higher Education of international quality shaping the leaders of tomorrow in Nigeria and in Africa”
will be able to pursue an MBA degree online with multi-campus
Unicaf University, for free, and will get N100.000 in cash!

Send your entry to essay@nigeria.unicaf.org before November 30th 2018, closing date of the competition.

Unicaf University offers the following MBA degree programmes:


Master’s in Business Administration

For every business oriented student or professional a Master’s in Business Administration is the gateway to success. Unicaf University top-class MBA prepares its graduates for the very demanding world of business and provides an excellent opportunity for ambitious business students or working professionals to enhance their career. Further it is ideal for people wishing to start their own business while it offers excellent prospects for future employment.

MBA Management

The MBA Management is a comprehensive business degree, focusing on crucial management functions, such as managing people, finance, operations and sales/marketing. It is an excellent qualification for professionals who have just started their managerial career, as well as for recent graduates, who wish to enhance their first degree and widen their career options.

MBA Health Management

The MBA Health Management programme builds on the established strength of the management core syllabus, to provide expertise in the unique elements and issues within the healthcare industry. The role of the manager in healthcare organisations continues to grow in importance, as the rapidly changing healthcare industry increases in significance, in all parts of the world.

MBA Management Information Systems

This programme is designed to provide the technical expertise and business acumen needed to secure advanced positions in the IT and business sectors. Our graduates gain advanced skills in software and hardware, network administration and database systems and are thoroughly equipped for a successful career in the industry.

MBA Finance

Unicaf University’s MBA in Finance is invaluable for individuals working, or aspiring to work, in the demanding world of finance and banking. The programme prepares professionals who can function successfully in key managerial positions, within different work environments.

MBA Oil & Gas Management

Providing a rigorous training into the challenges of the oil and gas industries, this programme offers an insight into the energy sector and also focuses on environmental issues and changing patterns of viability in exploration and development. The programme prepares graduates to operate effectively in executive positions within the oil and gas industries.

Master’s of Public Administration, (designed for professionals employed in the public sector)

The MPA has been designed to develop professionals in the public sector, who understand the increasingly complex issues shaping policies and projects at the local and national level, and who have the necessary analytical and managerial skills to apply their knowledge to real world situations. The Master in Public Administration programme equips graduates with the skills, perspectives and understanding needed to function effectively in solving problems and tackling challenges within the wider public sector.

Two runner ups will also receive full UNICAF scholarships to do Professional Development short courses in Management, Information Technology or Education.


  • At the top of your entry paper write your name, gender, age, city, email address and telephone number.
  • Add a short version of your CV, with details of your Bachelor’s degree, (name of University, degree title and date awarded) and your photograph.
  • Your essay must not exceed two A4 pages, using size 12 fonts.
  • The UNICAF essay competition is open to all final year Bachelor’s degree students and Bachelor’s degree holders currently residing in Nigeria.

Study with Unicaf University to build the career and life of your dreams. Become an agent of change for yourself, for your country, for Africa!
Now you can!

Please note that plagiarism is an offence and entries including material copied from other sources will be disqualified. You can quote others in your essay by expressly indicating such quotations. You should express your own opinions and beliefs about international quality higher education and its role in shaping decent, worthy and inspirational individuals, who can become leaders in their fields, helping to shape a brighter future for Nigeria and for Africa as a whole.

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