The rise of a Robot Planet who now is save

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Machine Learning, Augmented Realities, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Realities…and a host of sophisticated computerized programmes will render millions of people obsolete.

Francis, how do you mean?

2017 I developed a lot of programmes among which is a taxi booking app. Taxipath will be launched later this month but a major challenge it will have is security.

Conventionally, to combat this challenge, the services of security operatives – Police, DSS, SAS, should be employed; that will require huge financial investment.

How I am solving this problem?

I am writing a programme with which the passengers can discover any life threatening tools in the driver’s car and vice versa.

With this programme, the services of security operatives are ‘eradicated before needed’, security increased 100%, trust adopted, more users gained.

Robots are and will continue replacing people and jobs; are you replaceable?

Robots now plant crops in the farm.

Roots now mold blocks and build houses.

Robots now attend to customers in bank halls.

Robots now fight in the battlefields.

Video assistance referees now help in football pitches.

They now drive cars.

They now act movies.

Robots can do virtually anything man can do.

I now use them for chatting and broadcasting messages.

Technology will render the world obsolete.

Robots will humble the pride of organizational champions.

Another global recession will set in soonest.

The question is not are we replaceable? The question is will you and I open our eyes until we are replaced?

Embrace the near win.


Francis Aremo.

Fast Inc.

January 2018.

Aren't You Gonna Share This?

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