1 Reason Your Uploaded Cv, Resume and Cover Letter Don’t get Screened

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What You Should Know As A Job Applicant In The 21st Century 

It sad to see how much efforts a job seeker puts in just to get a job that pays well and commensurate with their qualities, make some earnings for upkeep and to cater for family, yet, never got called up for aptitude test not to mention interviews.

As a job applicant in the 21st century if you to have this knowledge we’re about to share with you it may be harder for you to get that befitting job you so much crave.

Below is a reason why you have not been receiving a positive response to your online job applications:

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS), a software application that enables the electronic handling of recruitment needs is what has always been used against you! This is because the HRM have loads of applications that give them headaches during the screening process and since, every organization wants to take advantage of technologies while reducing running costs of operations. This recruitment technology is a beast job applicants must fight to really succeed in their ultimate job search.

Right now you would understand that most jobs are applied for online and it is imperative to know that online job postings are designed to accept only ATS optimized resume/CVs to be easily accessible by the Artificial Intelligent ATS Robot who interprets resume based on a standard format and rules.

Little do most job seekers understand  LinkedIn profile on how fast they can get hired by a host of companies in search for employees. LinkedIn is the best professional network in the world and is fast becoming a hub for employment.

Today, many companies prefer you send them your LinkedIn profile for employability appraisal.  An irresistible LinkedIn profile will require you to hire a professional to setup or fine-tune one for you. You also need this to be visible on LinkedIn employee search queue.  To consult our HRM department for your next job application credentials VISIT

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Aren't You Gonna Share This?

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