Festive Sales Unusual Digital Marketing Workshop

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Festive Sales Unusual Digital Marketing Workshop

Program Description

Festive Sales Unusual, A Digital Marketing Workshop is A must attend for any business person who want to maximize their sales potentials online.

The workshop is planned to help the attendants with formidable marketing tools and strategies that have been tested and proven pivotal for business growth at the digital space. The Workshop will be a pure practical one where attendees will create adverts with the Google Ads credit accessible to those who registered for the workshop. Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads strategies and Tecniques will be thought indepth.


If you’re into sales business and you’re not Digital Marketing savvy you’re basically losing out a big deal! Take it or not, in today’s world people spend over 75%  their day on the internet (locally). Doing businesses online can only get better especially when you employ the right techniques.

Google no doubt is the BOSS of the Internet at least, for NOW.  Google Ads cover 41% of the entire internet Advertisement and it is the most effective and profitable Advertisement network for buyers and advertisers.

We find that only a few understand how Google Adwords work, Using Google Adwords for advertisement in a month will change the story of your business (quote this anywhere) but if you don’t know the secret of how it works; you become helpless.

Attending this workshop will show you things you never heard from anyone about how the Google Systems work not just Google AdWords, but other Google tools that will help your business scale in a very short while.

For  two years now Facebook has come out to tell their users they will be doing more of business with the Facebook Social Media taking advantage of population of the web app users.
Facebook has become money making machine not just for Zuckerberg and his team but for any serious marketer, sales person and business owner. Organic traffic on facebook profile and pages will yield no fortune for your business, the reason is; Facebook has become a Business Machine and not just a social media, the implication of this is, you need to place adverts on Facebook before a large audience of buyers can see your product, brand or business and not just that, you need to apply the right strategy which is why you should attend this Workshop.

Something interesting about Instagram is you display your product to the audience who have the money and are willing to buy. why because research shows that those constantly on Instagram are the rich elites and the influential.

These are some of the things you get to gain at the workshop

  1. Internet Service
  2. workshop resources
  3. 18,000, Google Adwords Credit
  4. Landing Pages Development
  5. Content Development
  6. Networking
  7. Audience Insight strategies
  8. Lunch Pack
  9. Facbook Ads
  10. Google Ade


Anyone into Network Marketing, Sales persons (Insurance or e-commerce), e-commerce owners,

Bloggers, Recent graduates, Job seekers and any Digital Marketing Enthusiast,


3, Aina Street, beside Zenith Bank Ojodu, Lagos


Nov. 24th, 2018

10am – 4pm


Workshop Fees: #20,000

Be one of the first 10 to register and pay #15,000.00

Register to attend the workshop by filling in the form below

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