The Ashirin Video Cartoonist Contest – 2018 (Nigeria)

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About Ashirin

Ashirin is a global financial technology company that provides financial solutions deployed to facilitate money movement and raise the chances for financial prosperity for each of her users. You can use for financial transaction as an individual involving money transfer, deposit and reserve. Ashirin also serves as a payment gateway for online transactions.

About the Contest

We are engaging the dexterity of 50 expert cartoonists in a national contest to do an Instagram video illustrating how works. Broadcast of the contest would be made across borders and as many entries as possible would be taken within a week. As a video cartoonist, can you pass this test to prove your worth?

The contest takes place in two rounds;

Round 1

This is a round for the 50 Contestants

i.      After seeing this broadcast, contact  Daniel on Whatsapp through 09036452585 and send your details in the following format:

        I am a cartoonist,  Your name, Gender, Current location, State of Origin, Instagram handle name,

ii.   The Cartoonists are invited for a digital conferencing where they’re given further instruction for a successful contest

iii.   Social Media (Instagram) engagement: The 50 contestants will be expected to make at least 5 posts of their work progress on                          Instagram for their followers’ engagement/remarks which are part of the rating criteria. The top 5 will be selected and progress to                round 2

Round 2

This is the round for the STAR

In this round, a final Video task will be carried out where 70% of the grading depends on people, 20% depends on our panel of judges and gives the 10% as bonus to every contestant.


The winner goes with the start prize which includes:

i.    Cash Prize,

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ii.    Scholarship to attend our monthly executive training platform, where (s)he meet CEOs across industries

iii.   Video would be exposed to gainful networks

iv.    Opportunity to be recommended for contract works


The contest runs from 15th June – 29th July.

For details Contact:

Daniel : 09036452585

Visit ashirin website 

Contest website

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