VOLUNTEER at epandonetwork, Get valued and add some vlaues

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The events programmes and opportunities (epando)network, an initiative with an objective of adding value to lives is presently calling for volunteers amongst students in Secondary Schools, Higher institutions, colleges and polytechnics especially those with information related disciplines and other interested persons as epandonetwork ambassadors to their immediate communities with some Volunteering benefits.

VOLUNTEERS REGISTRATION LINK: https://goo.gl/forms/sL0NiWegRreaiDBp2

Have you also heard about the epandonetwork PersonalDEV Challenge (2017)


The epandonetwork(epando.com.ng) will be pioneering a 60 day Personal Development Challenge, tagged: epandonetwork PersonalDEV Challenge (2017) where anybody anywhere around the world can give him/herself the opportunity for personal development.

Are you a Nigerian Student preparing for you Post UTME?, Do you have an exam you’re preparing for and you want to come out in flying colours? Are you an Aspiring Tech geek or on a tech project you feel you should have finished with, have you been struggling to finish up with reading a book and review the book but procrastination has played on you? Do you want to embark on a project but then, you need someone who can help you through with a follow up. If you fall in any of these categories, then thus Challenge is Perfect for you.

The challenge is designed to bring the best out of anyone who will be participating in it. It’s by default to be a 3hours a day, 21hours a week, 84hours a month, 168hours in 60days PersonalDEV Challenge. It wouldn’t matter what time of the day, the participant are free to choose a convenient time, it could be 1hour in the evening, 1hour at noon, 1hour in the night, You definitely can spend more hours.

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epandonetwork PersonalDev Challenge 2017 is designed to challenge you to succeed in this 60 days and be more ready for upcoming opportunities. WHAT WILL YOU BE PROUD YOU DID IN 2017?

Mode of the Challenge
There are going to be Programme Mentors/Motivators paired with and assigned to the Participants to help them, do follow up on participants progress. Participant are also going to be giving a frequent progress report of their development at the participants – Mentors forum. High fliers will be publicised on the epandonetwork website at www.epando.com.ng weekly as the Challenge progresses

You can also contact us to facilitate at epandonetwork@outlook.com




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